A Personal Letter from Br Jerry Savelle

Posted in Ministry Updates @ Apr 30th 2015 9:00am - By Br Jerry Savelle
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Unfortunately, the 'Ushering in the Glory' Tour 2015 in Australia with Br Jerry & Ms Carolyn has been postponed. We do not know at this stage when this tour will be rescheduled. Please see below a personal letter from Br Jerry.

Dear Partners & Valued Friends,

First of all, I’d like to express to you my sincere appreciation for your confidence in this Ministry and in Carolyn and myself.

We are deeply appreciative of your love, your support and your prayers. God has truly blessed us with the best to help us fulfill the call that He has placed on our lives.

At this time, I also need to let you know how very sorry I am that I will not be able to be with you in May for my Australian Tour. On Thursday evening, April 23, I experienced something that I’ve never experience before and was taken to the Emergency Room. After several tests, I was told that I had experienced what is called a Transient Ischemic Attack, commonly referred to as a “warning stroke”.

Since I have lived in great health all these years, you can imagine what a shock this was to me, however, at the same time I have decided to describe it as “my wakeup call”.

I have been given instructions – both from the Doctors and the Holy Spirit – as to what to change in my daily routine and I’m already practicing them. I have also been instructed to take at least one month off – no work, no travel, no ministering – and I’m being obedient.  

I want you to know that I’m fine and have nothing to fear or to worry about. Brother Copeland told me that while he was praying for me the Lord told him, “The devil tried to take Jerry out and couldn’t do it and will never be able to do so.” I rejoice in that word.

If you have any questions or quires please do not hesitate to contact the Australian office on +61 7 5576 5534 or at [email protected]

Thanks for your prayers, your love and your faith. You’re very special to my life and I hope to visit you soon.

With love,

Brother Jerry


ST & Remy @ Apr 30th 2015 10:48am
Dear Jerry, Indeed The Lord watches over you! The endurance (staying power) of God's faithfulness is time-tested, and it is stronger than any adversity on this planet! We know you are pulling through this challenge, with your health and strength RENEWED; you are not done yet. The Holy Spirit guarantees it, hallelujah! See you soon in Australia!
Elizabeth & Robert Smith @ Apr 30th 2015 10:56am
We stand with you for good health and longevity for your life and for your ministry. You are a mighty man of God and NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER, in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus, for totally healing our precious brother in Christ. We love you.
Lloyd Lobo @ Apr 30th 2015 3:44pm
Bro. Jerry, We are with you. No weapon formed against shall prosper. I plead the blood of Jesus upon you in Jesus Name. Devil's assignment against you cannot prosper and will not prosper. Thank you for being a blessing to millions of people. We love you and we continue to pray for you.
Rosi Bagnato @ Apr 30th 2015 3:59pm
So sorry to hear about your health Brother Jerry will be praying for you. Looking forward in the future when you visit us in Australia love and blessings. Rosi YOU ARE A CHAMPION ★
Uschy Suter @ Apr 30th 2015 4:24pm
Dear Brother Jerry, I am so grateful that God is protecting you and the enemy has no further claim to you. You and your ministry means so much to me and you give me hours of Knowledge, Comfort and Entertainment through my constant listening to your CDs & DVDs. Love from DownUnder Uschy
Criselda Tiangco @ Apr 30th 2015 8:22pm
Dear bro Jerry, Praise The Lord for healing! You are a mighty man of God and the devil is a defeated foe. You walk in divine health and no sickness shall ever claim it's power over you. We thank The Lord to hear that all is fine with you and your health. Looking forward to see you here in Australia. We love you in The Lord, Cris and Larry
David & Kerrie-Ann Gollan @ May 1st 2015 10:40am
Much love and hugs to you Bro Jerry. Thank the Lord for you, His healing and protection. Take comfort knowing how much your partners love and pray for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Sara Sidor @ May 1st 2015 11:52am
We thank you Father that 'no weapon formed against Brother Jerry shall prosper'. We believe he will indeed finish the mission You have put him on, and live long and strong. Be BLESSED!
Penny Roberts @ May 1st 2015 1:22pm
Dear Brother Jerry so glad to here all is well with you,the devil is a defeated foe. Thank God for His protection, He is an awesome God. I am so grateful for your Ministry, we love you and all those who are with you. You are truly a mighty man of God. Blessings.
Maryann Pool @ May 1st 2015 4:44pm
Dear Bro Jerry, John (Pooly) and I had just finished re-reading your little booklet Ministers Keep Your Guard Up, how to be sensitive to the warnings of the Holy Spirit, when we got word about your recent warning! Praying for you for swift and complete healing and praising God for your obedience to heed the warning! Looking forward to catching up again downunder when you are released by the Holy Spirit to come! Till then Bless you and your family! Lotsa luv from Chariots of Light Bendigo Australia
Shally Joseph @ May 2nd 2015 2:49am
Dear Brother Jerry - NO weapon formed against you shall prosper and EVERY tongue that rises up against you in judgment, YOU shall condemn - this is your gift of righteousness from Yeshua Himself......You are healed, well, and whole in Jesus' Name.....Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored and Deeply Loved.....Amen
Joseph & Virtue Harsono @ May 8th 2015 11:45am
Dear Brother Jerry, My wife Virtue and I are praying for your health. We declare the protection of psalm 91 is upon you and the blood of Jesus covered you that no weapon formed against you can prosper, by Jesus stripes you are totally healed, you are abundantly prospered in your spirit, soul, body and finances in Jesus mighty name!
Gerald Tamwoy @ May 9th 2015 9:23am
The devil is that dumb, it will make you stronger in Jesus Name.
Michael Cavanagh @ Dec 2nd 2015 9:57pm
My mum told me about your situation. I just want to say that my parents and I have enjoyed listening to your preaching (we have some discs.) Your daughter's testimony has also been very helpful and encouraging.
Karen @ Jul 25th 2016 2:24am
Dear Brother Jerry, greetings from Detroit! Love you, trouble is your transportation to healing and standing for a greater witness in the Lord! So, glad you doing well, continue to walk in your healing! Donn and Karen Fulton
Monica Schoon @ Dec 24th 2016 4:56am
Trans ischemic attack is a name, but there is a name that is above all names -the name JESUS. At that name TIA must bow. The only way that the devil could harm you is if Jesus was still in the grave. But surely he is rise and alive forevermore.You rose in him and seated together with him at the right hand of the father far above TIA and its master the devil. By the wounds of Jesus you are healed. We love you and we need you and so does Jesus. We give God the glory for your life and the lives of your family. You are a precious gift to us and we refuse to allow the enemy to touch you in jesus name. Amen
Kamotho David @ Dec 30th 2016 3:38am
Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Brother Jerry Savelle, Healing is your portion. It was paid in FULL ['Kabisa' in Kiswahilli] By our Lord Jesus Christ. Kamitho David [Nairobi- Kenya]
Louise Knowlton @ Apr 8th 2020 7:24pm

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