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by | 24 Jan 2023 | Ministry Updates

Bill Horn is the International / National Director for Chariots of Light Christian Bikers with Jerry Savelle Ministries International. Bill & his wife Ginger will be coming to Australia in February 2023 and will be preaching in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Check out their itinerary for further details or contact our offices to find out more.

Breakthrough Church Melbourne
Sunday 5th February
10am Service
31 Michellan Ct, Bayswater, VIC, 3153
03 8719 6274

River Church
Saturday 11th February
6pm Service
2 Monaco Street, Surfers Paradise
07 5592 5403

The Valley Church
Sunday 12th February
10am Service
25-29 Pine Str, Canungra, QLD, 4275
0448 404 985

Dr. Savelle founded Chariots of Light in 1998 and not only grown in membership through the years, but in the fruit of our reaching out to the world. Being connected with JSMI ministry for over 30 years and having worked with such a godly man of integrity for over 16 years has truly been an honor and a privilege. Since Bill’s leadership began in 2006, the Chariots have witnessed (which means we
have prayed with individually) over 501,299 who have made a decision for Jesus Christ! Over 708,163 people that have been prayed with and ministered to, including manifestations and demonstrations of God’s presence, goodness, and power with documented testimonies of healings and other blessings manifested in their lives.

Bill and his wife, Ginger, determined at the beginning of their marriage to pursue God in all they did. They have owned two successful businesses yet still served in many capacities for many years in their home church before the Lord called them to world evangelism. But the leadership positions held and the responsibilities they carried helped to prepare them for the calling yet to come. From parking lot to ushering to head of Youth to head of Children’s Church to being an elder and Pastor’s Armorbearer; many hats that were worn with a servant’s heart brought promotion from the Lord and placed them in full time ordained ministry to reach the lost. A passion Bill & Ginger now share with others to encourage them to do the same.

Their desire is to help encourage and equip and activate the Body of Christ for the harvest in everyday life; realizing the importance of being a minister of reconciliation. They believe that the application of their training and teaching by the power of the Holy Spirit will activate others into being a true witness and see God manifest in daily life. Their heart’s cry is to KNOW HIM MORE and MORE KNOW HIM!

Chariots of Light is not just about motorcycles. COL members participate in church services, prison ministry, orphanage visits, daily encounters, group rides, group meetings, fellowship rides and gatherings, COL tours, outreaches and more. Chariots of Light is an international outreach ministry with Chapters all over the world. With members worldwide, we are dedicated to equipping the saints, being evangelistically minded and literally extending the Hand of God and touching lives to make a difference for eternity through the love of the Father, the compassion of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Chariots of Light began as a biker fellowship amongst Christians and soon evolved and expanded into an effective outreach ministry that has touched countless lives all over the world with the love and message of Jesus Christ. This vision – passion for God, passion for souls; every member a soul winner; every member a seed sower – has enabled many to reach out and share the love of God with folks in venues and everyday life that may otherwise never experience the true love of God. Our vision of passion empowers us to SHINE AS LIGHTS and see others born again and blessed as a result of our sharing this message of life and hope with them through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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