Is God’s Glory being revealed in your life?

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by | 7 Apr 2018 | Ministry Updates

Are you limiting God’s power in your life? As I’ve traveled across the U.S. and other countries, I’ve found good-hearted believers unaware that they are limiting God.

Today I want to expand your thinking. I want you to throw off any and all limitations that are holding you back from experiencing ALL the benefits of God’s glory.

What would God’s glory being revealed in your life look like?

I’ve discovered from the Word of God that God’s Glory is described and experienced as:

  1. The manifested presence of God,
  2. The manifested power of God, and
  3. The manifested goodness of God.

A great example of this in Scripture is found in Exodus, chapter 33.

Moses asked God to show him His glory and God said to him, “My presence will go

with you… I will do marvels such as have not been done in all the earth…” referencing His manifested power. And then God also told him, “I will make all my goodness pass before thee…” (Exodus 33:19)

God’s glory wasn’t just for Moses. God desires to reveal His glory in your life now!

Let me ask you again, what would God’s glory revealed in your life look like? I want you to get ahold of a vision for your life of God pouring out His glory and doing great marvels like this earth has never seen!

Begin to declare and expect God’s glory in your life! Let your heart’s cry be, “LORD, SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!”

Did you know, the very first time the word glory is used in the Bible, it is referring to someone’s wealth, prosperity, and material assets? In Genesis 31, we see glory referring to Jacob receiving all the wealth and possessions of Laban.

Prosperity and the glory go hand in hand!

So when you declare, “Lord, Show Me Your Glory,” you’re not only asking to see His power, His presence, and His goodness; but you’re also asking as David once did:

O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity. (Psalm 118:25)

And in Psalm 35:27 we discover that, “[God] has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” What’s God telling you through these Scriptures? I believe God delights in showing you His glory by bringing prosperity into your life!

Did God honor David’s request, “O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity?”

Yes, He did! In fact, because of the prosperity David experienced, he was able to say, “I now give my personal treasures of gold and silver for the temple of my God, over and above everything I have provided for this holy temple.” (1 Chronicles 29:3)

In the very next verse, David specifies that he gave, “3,000 talents of gold and 7,000 talents of refined silver.” That’s 100 tons of gold worth $4.1 billion USD today and 260 tons of refined silver worth $12 million USD today!

It’s obvious that God did show David His glory and God did answer David’s request to send prosperity now!

But if you and I stop here, we’re only understanding half the truth. Does God desire to bless you and prosper you? Yes! But it doesn’t end there.

I like to say, it’s prosperity for a purpose!

David didn’t hoard up God’s blessing and use it all on himself. HE WAS A GIVER and he encouraged others to follow his example.

We can read about this just a few verses later in 1 Chronicles 29:9, “Then the people rejoiced for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart, they offered willingly to the Lord and David the King also rejoiced with great joy.”

This is a vital key to seeing God’s glory and prosperity in your life!

Generosity and faithful giving with a right heart is the greatest way to position yourself to receive God’s glory.

Do you truly want God to show you his glory on a continual basis? Then never stop sowing, never stop giving, and never stop honoring God with your resources.

My wife, Carolyn, and I have personally experienced this in our lives. I am so thankful that nearly 50 years ago we got a revelation of giving and prosperity.

Consistently living these principles has transformed us from being broke, in debt, and trapped in lack, to being blessed and able to give to various good works all over the world. God’s glory can do the same for you!

I want to give you an opportunity to put this vital key of generosity into practice. Your willing, right-hearted generosity is an action of faith for your declaration to God to show you His Glory.

I’m so grateful that God joined us together to make a difference for Him. You’re a part of every outreach, faith-filled teaching resource, salvation, Pastor training, and mission work this ministry does. Your faithful support makes it all possible!

Your giving this month will make a great impact as we prepare for ministry and outreaches for the rest of the year.

As you give this month, I want to thank you by sending you my recent teaching titled, Show Me Your Glory, Send Prosperity Now.

You can give securely at

I know that God has great things planned for you! He desires to reveal His glory and send prosperity into your life.

Refuse to dream small or settle for anything less than God’s best for you! You are not alone in this. I’m believing and standing with you!

In Him,

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle

P.S. As you prepare to give this month, let me encourage you to boldly declare by faith, “Lord, show me your glory and send prosperity now!” Let that be continually on your lips this month. Keep your heart right before Him, and He will delight in prospering you!

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