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by | 21 Sep 2015 | Ministry Updates

There are some important things that have happened recently that we want to share with you – our ministry family. On Tuesday, July 28, we received this text from our mom: “There’s been a sudden change of plans!! The ambulance is getting daddy and transporting him to the hospital for open heart surgery!”

We both drove as fast as we could to the hospital to be with our dad for this unexpected double bypass surgery.

As you may know, dad experienced a mini-stroke earlier this year. After tests showed no signs of problems, he was released from the hospital and has felt great since.

So, this came out of nowhere! Although we know the power of prayer and our faith was (and is) very strong, the tears were flowing!

Through the years, our dad has always had excellent health and seemed invincible to us. It’s not easy for any child to see their parent in a hospital bed with tubes and wires connected, machines beeping and the thought of them going under anesthesia for a critical operation.

From the moment dad was notified of the emergency heart surgery, he began declaring the prophetic word the Lord gave him for 2015 saying, “This is the year for Visitations, Manifestations and Demonstrations!” Then, he said, “With long life, He will satisfy me and give me health.”

Dad is such an example of holding fast to a word from the Lord no matter how contrary the circumstances appear. He would not give up on his declaration to see God perform the miraculous in his body!

Jerriann-Terri-Dr-Savelle-HospitalEverything was happening so fast that we only called family and some close friends to ask for prayer.

Brother Kenneth Copeland said, “Jerry, the devil tried to take you out, and he couldn’t and he never will be able to.” As we sat in the waiting room during the surgery, Pastor Joel Osteen sent this message, “Please tell your dad how much we love him and that we’re praying for him. We need him here many more years, healthy and whole.He’s been a great inspiration to me. I’ve learned so much from his teachings. We know none of this is a surprise to God. He’s got it all under control.”

Then Ms. Dodie Osteen (who was healed of terminal cancer) added her faith to ours with this sweet text: “Dear Jerry, We need you. You are a great blessing to our family. Be encouraged. Your best days are YET ahead! I love you. You will recover QUICKLY in Jesus’ Name.”

Jesse and Cathy Duplantis flew in from New Orleans to be with our family, and they energized the atmosphere with faith (and joy).

At 10:30 a.m. on July 30, 2015, dad had a double bypass. Around 1:30 p.m., the Physician’s Assistant told us, “Surgery was flawless!” That’s all we needed to hear! We began shouting and praising God! Thank you, Jesus! But that’s not all. The Physician’s Assistant came back to the waiting room and said, “I want you to know the presence of God was in that room!” Wow! That sounds like VISITATION, MANIFESTATIONS, and DEMONSTRATIONS to us!


One doctor has even said part of dad’s recovery seemed “magical” and it was as though someone walked in the room and gave him a blood transfusion!

For the first time in 46 years of preaching, dad is taking an extended time off for a period of rest and healing (doctor’s orders and mom’s!). He has designed a “healing room” at home with dozens of healing scriptures posted all over. He declares these verses daily just like taking a prescription or vitamins. We can hardly wait to hear the messages that come as a result of this! Look out, devil!

We are writing this letter to give you the praise report on dad, and we wanted to take this opportunity to ask our partners to do something really special for him. First, would you write a personal note on the enclosed form and share your favorite scripture or a word of encouragement with him? We know he would love to read your note during this time of healing.

Second, since dad has never taken this much time off in over four decades of traveling and preaching, please consider giving a special gift this month to help us finish the second half of this year strong and show the devil he is defeated! Normally, the offerings received at his meetings go into our worldwide outreaches
from Africa to the TV ministry. We are expecting this to be the biggest slap in the devil’s face!

Finally, we want to join our faith with yours! When you sow your best seed, please write the “Visitations, Manifestations, and Demonstrations” YOU ARE BELIEVING FOR! Whether it’s for a loved one to serve God, a financial breakthrough, a business promotion or healing in your body, Dad has set aside September 30 to read your personal note to him and pray over your seed for your breakthrough!

Get ready! God is no respecter of persons and what He’s done for our dad, He can do for you!

We love you and thank you for being a friend and ministry partner.

Jerriann and Terri

P.S. We serve a God who hears and answers prayer! Send in your prayer request to us BEFORE September 30 and dad will read your messages and pray over your seed for your breakthrough.


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