Partnering with Jerry Savelle Ministries

In 1969, Jerry Savelle was introduced to the God Who is a Master at making champions out of failures. He learned to use the Word of God to overcome a past of failures and financial struggles. Now his mandate is to take those Biblical principles to do one thing: Talk people into Winning!
Why Become A Partner:
Galatians 6:6 (Amplified) says: Let him who receives instruction in the Word (of God) share all good things with his teacher (contributing to his support).
Do you listen to Jerry’s CDs, read his books or enjoy watching him on TV? Maybe you have known of him for years or this is your first time to identify with the message he is preaching.
In Galatians 6:6 Paul tells us, we should support the ministers who teach and instruct us. If Jerry’s messages have made an impact in your life, prayerfully consider becoming our partner today.
When you partner with Jerry Savelle Ministries, you are…
*   investing in yourself
*   translating books in languages around the world
*   training and educating pastors in Africa
*   talking people into winning through worldwide TV, books, and crusades
*   and doing your part to make an impact for Jesus
When You Support Jerry Savelle Ministries You Will Receive:
Free Subscription to “Adventures in Faith” e-Magazine. 
This motivational magazine is full of faith-building articles meant to stir you up on a continual basis.
Personal monthly letter from Jerry Savelle.
This monthly letter is designed to motivate and encourage. It’s a timely word just for you!
Prayer support. 
Every prayer request that you send in is important. We are standing in faith with you and believe for God's best over your request.
If you would like to partner with us please send us your details so that we can send you out our partner information pack.
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