Always on Top – 3 CD Set


Always on Top – 3 CD Set

How can you live in a troubled world and yet not be troubled by it?

God’s desire is that you are the head, not the tail; that you are above, not beneath!

This timely message will open your eyes and inspire you to come up to a higher level in every area of your life.

You will discover:

  • The main pitfall that causes Christians to fail
  • How God wants you to soar to new levels
  • How to break free from what’s holding you back
  • How to not be deceived by the world’s way of thinking

Why should you settle for anything that is below what God says you can have? Always On Top – that’s God’s best for you! If you will dare to believe God, then no matter what tries to bring you down, He will cause us to become superior to it

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