Calling in Your Harvest – 3 Part MP3


Calling in Your Harvest – 3 Part MP3

Harvest time has come. What’s keeping you from claiming your rightful harvest? Dr. Jerry Savelle explains the Spiritual laws that govern the reaping of a harvest that has been reserved just for you.

In his powerful 3 Part MP3 series, he addresses the following:

  • Are you entitled to the harvest?
  • What is your part in the manifestation of your harvest?
  • How will the seeds you sow determine your own destiny?
  • When is the right time and what are the indicators that tell us the harvest is ready?
  • What might be holding back your harvest?
  • Can you ensure there is no end to your harvest?
  • What are the tools freely available to you?
  • What is the most important thing you should do with the harvest you reap?

God never forgets your offerings and the seeds you sow. Expect extraordinary things to happen after you’ve planted your seed. Your harvest is just waiting to go to its rightful owner!

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