Experiencing God’s Best – Package



Experiencing God’s Best – Package

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Limited Time Special Offer
God’s Maximum (Book)
Why Some Aren’t Experiencing God’s Best (CD Series)

Is it possible for you to experience a greater level of God’s goodness and favor?

Today’s faith-building offer Experiencing God’s Best Special package contains Jerry Saville’s new book, God’s Maximum, and his revealing four-part audio series Why Some Aren’t Experiencing God’s Best.

Learn how to strengthen your faith and refuse to allow the enemy to rob you of God’s best.

In this package, Jerry reveals:

 – The prerequisite for receiving God’s promises

 – What qualifies you for the maximum

 – The six reasons why people quit, and

 – The missing ingredient in many believers’ lives

Don’t delay, request your copy of the Experiencing God’s Best Special package. Do you value the blessing of God on your life and what it can produce for you? Begin to order your lives in accordance with God’s way and put yourself in position to receive His best.


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