Financial Independence Today


Financial Independence Today

Are You Financially Fit for Today, Tomorrow and Your Future?

Through the practical teachings found in this financial package, Dr Savelle explains down-to-earth ways to handle money properly, who the enemy really is, how to keep finances continually flowing, and much, much, more!

Package Includes 9 Lessons and 9 Outlines:

  1. Financial Freedom and Stewardship
  2. F.I.T for Life and Responsible Living
  3. Bad Times Come Suddenly
  4. Strategies to Success
  5. When You Get Fed Up
  6. He has Blessed Us with All Spiritual Blessings
  7. The Body of Christ will Walk in All Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding
  8. There is More to Come and Possess
  9. Avenge Me of My Adversary
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