God’s Word In Troubled Times- Soft Cover


God’s Word In Troubled Times- Soft Cover

In times of unprecedented chaos, disorder, and worldwide tumult that play out daily through every form of media, one thing stands firm: the Word of God.
Jesus—the incarnate Word of God—said, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world

(John 16:33). Now, in his book titled God’s Word for Troubled Times, Dr. Jerry Savelle reveals God’s strategy for His people to overcome—and thrive—during the troubled times in which we live. You will be equipped with powerful Bible truths including:

• An understanding of the open hand of God

• The key to receiving God’s promises

• How to access God’s supernatural provision

• How to experience God’s divine acceleration and unstoppable momentum

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Though many may succumb to the world’s influences and ask,

“Why doesn’t God do something?,” those who choose to stand on His Word can boldly declare, “God is doing something!”

Don’t miss out on any of the wondrous provision God has already prepared for those who love Him and has revealed through

His Spirit in this dynamic word for troubled times!


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