Nature of a Seed – Package



Nature of a Seed – Package

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Limited Time Special Offer
Increase God’s Way (Book)
God’s Glory on your Finances (CD Series)
Are You Tired of Sowing Much and Reaping Little (Mini Book)

What is the purpose of a seed? Its nature is to grow, to mature, to reproduce. That’s all the seed knows to do. Today’s Special Offer The Nature of a Seed Special package contains Jerry Savelle’s inspiring book Increase God’s Way, his mini-book Are You Tired of Sowing Much and Reaping Little? And his eye-opening three-part audio series
How to Bring God’s Glory on Your Finances. Discover what’s stopping you from receiving a bountiful Harvest.

In this package, Jerry reveals
– God’s promise to the sower
– How prosperity is God’s will
– Why many Christians fail at reaping, and
– The deception of lack in poverty

Don’t delay, request your copy of the “Nature of a Seed” special package. Don’t settle for a mediocre harvest. Your seeds are meant to grow and multiply even in harsh, less-than-ideal circumstances. Your seed will fight to fulfill its purpose.


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