Our Covenant Keeping God


Our Covenant Keeping God

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Some believe everything written in the Old Testament passed away with the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, but this is not true. The Old Testament contains living words of wisdom, prophecy, and God’s covenant promises, all of which most certainly pertain to us today.

A covenant represents a promise from God, an unwavering resolution, and a solemn oath. When God makes a covenant, He does so to bring something to pass in the lives of those He made the covenant with. In this illuminating and easy-to-read book, Dr. Jerry Savelle shares Bible truths and his own experiences with the God of the Bible who keeps covenant for a thousand generations.

You’ll discover:

• The power that activates the promises of God

• The vital connection between faith and hope

• The principal of seedtime and harvest

• Our covenant of favor

When you understand the true meaning of covenant, your faith will rise to a new level as you experience the fullness of the blessing and favor that come from our covenant-keeping God!


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