What I Learned – eBook


What I Learned – eBook

What I Learned from the men who imparted into me the most is just what its title suggests: a retrospective filled with biblical truths and practical instruction that Dr. Jerry Savelle learned first hand from some of the twentieth century’s greatest men of God, including:

• Oral Roberts, who brought healing to his generation and later established Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma
• Kenneth Copeland, founder of a global ministry organization dedicated to teaching Christians how to establish their lives in the Word of God
• Kenneth Hagin, who founded Rhema Bible Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is recognized as the father of the twentieth century faith movement
• T.L. Osborn, world missionary evangelist, statesman, and author who is best known for his mass-miracle ministry crusades to millions

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Whether God has called you to full-time ministry or He is using you in the marketplace or at home, He wants you to be empowered to effectively carry out your assignment to fulfill His call upon your life.

As Dr. Savelle shares the behind the scenes truths that he and these men of God have lived by, you will better understand the cost involved to live and breathe mountain-moving faith. And as you lay hold of the godly character and biblical principles imparted into him through these spiritual giants and their ministries, you too will move into a deeper relationship with God and reach new levels of maturity in fulfilling God’s call on you.

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