Why God Wants You to Prosper – eBook


Why God Wants You to Prosper – eBook

Some people mistakenly approach biblical prosperity as if it were a get-rich-scheme. In truth, it’s actually God’s intended lifestyle for all believers.

In this two-part book, Jerry Savelle establishes a biblical foundation for understanding the principles of divine prosperity, with a special focus on the reasons why so many of God’s people are in financial bondage. Based on more than forty years of ministry experience, he then provides a step-by-step explanation of what it takes to walk out of financial bondage and receive God’s promised prosperity.

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“Once we begin to prosper, nothing can compare to being used as an instrument of God to help someone else be delivered from financial bondage,” Jerry says. “And we can do so with confidence because we understand that we are blessed to be a blessing.”

God has already provided the way out of financial bondage and into a lifestyle of prosperity—if you are willing to obey His instructions and apply His principals to your life. When you do, you’ll enjoy the peace, quietness, and confidence that come from allowing God to direct your finances for His purposes. After all, that’s the reason why God wants you to prosper.

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