Above and Beyond Lifestyle – 3 Part MP3


Above and Beyond Lifestyle – 3 Part MP3

How would you rate your life today? Average? Normal? Perhaps even a little boring – or worse yet, depressing?

Why settle for any of that when you can have the extraordinary! For far too long God’s people have been living beneath their privileges, never reaching the full potential of the life God has designed for them.

Do not allow the devil to deceive you into accepting less than what God says you can have. Now is the time for you to overcome the limits and boundaries that have held you back from experiencing the “above and beyond” lifestyle!

In this timely message from noted author and Bible teacher, Jerry Savelle, your eyes will be opened to the spiritual truths that enable you to break free from what is normal, surpass what is ordinary, and begin your walk in the extraordinary life God has planned for you.

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