Every Day A Blessing Day – eBook


Every Day A Blessing Day – eBook

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The blessing of God is misunderstood and even completely unknown by many of God’s people. Yet it has always been God’s desire that we walk in His blessing everyday.

In Every Day a Blessing Day, Jerry Savelle reveals what the blessing of God is and takes you on a journey to discover how this supernatural empowerment is designed to make you prosper and excel. When the world says there will be cutbacks, downsizing, and decrease; you can rise above! Gain the understanding you need to apply the power of God’s blessing and you can experience the joy and freedom that come from making every day a blessing day.

This eBook is an ePub file compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, NOOKs and any laptop or desktop with “eBook reader software” installed. Simply download this eBook and follow your device manufacturer’s instructions to transfer the file to your device.


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