Going For The Gold – eBook


Going For The Gold – eBook

Most Christians want to be in the same place as the successful, prosperous, and extremely blessed Christians they see around them; however, they’re not always willing to do what others had to do to get there. God has certain expectations of the Church before the appearing of Jesus, and it is through Him that we’ve been given access to God’s promises and all things that pertain to a blessed and victorious life.

In this timely and straightforward message, Dr. Jerry Savelle reveals God’s plan for you to experience His best in these last days. Going for the Gold is a journey of self-discovery on which you will learn how to:
• take inventory of your life
• prune yourself
• stay focused
• renew your mind
• avoid distractions
• develop discipline … and much more

You are a vital part of God’s plan for the Church prior to the appearing of Jesus. Don’t settle for second best; make the decision today to go for your own personal “gold.” As you implement the practical truths contained in this book, you’ll find the joy of experiencing God’s best in every area of your life!

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