Living In A Continual State of God’s Favor – eBook


Living In A Continual State of God’s Favor – eBook

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Living in a Continual State of God’s Favor, is designed to help you experience all that life has to offer. The Bible assures us that through Christ we have access by faith to a remarkable state of grace– or favor – in which we firmly and securely stand. This state of God’s favor is not a physical place, like the state of Texas. Rather it is defined as “a manner of standing; an attitude or position.

Lay hold of the fact that you are in right standing with God, be deliberate about acting on the Bible truths revealed in this book, and then enjoy the blessings of living in a continual state of God’s favor.

This eBook is an ePub file compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, NOOKs and any laptop or desktop with “eBook reader software” installed. Simply download this eBook and follow your device manufacturer’s instructions to transfer the file to your device.


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