Principles of Supernatural Increase – eBook


Principles of Supernatural Increase – eBook

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Is it really possible to experience supernatural increase in every area of your life?

For more than fifty years, Dr. Jerry Savelle has experienced manifestations of God’s supernatural increase in both his personal life and his ministry. When, in late 2019, the Lord spoke to him, saying, “I am about to open a new door, and I will cause My faithful ones to experience supernatural increase as never before.” Dr. Savelle knew his mandate was to take this message to the body of Christ throughout the world.

In this scripturally sound and easy-to-understand ebook, Dr. Jerry Savelle sets forth the biblical principles of supernatural increase, including:

• God’s covenant of increase
• The supernatural gifts of the Spirit
• Moving to a higher level of faith

God’s desire is that you move to a higher level in every area of your life – spiritually, financially, professionally, and socially. As you take a step of faith to walk through the open door before you, embracing these principles on a consistent basis, you’ll soon experience God’s prophesied supernatural increase as never before.


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