Prosperity and Success – Volume 1


Prosperity and Success – Volume 1

Several years ago, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to encourage people to “Go back to the basics.”

Many of God’s people today are struggling. Some have even lost hope of things ever getting any better, and to tell you the truth, the only thing that can change this is quality time in God’s Word.

I learned a long, long time ago that when things aren’t working, you don’t need some new revelation that no one has ever heard before, you just need to go back to the basics.

This is why I have put together another special book on the subject of Prosperity and Success. These are outlines that I have been preaching from since 1969. There are a total of 52 outlines, and if you’ll study them and apply the principles then your life will never be the same.

I pray that every truth that is written in this book will become a tremendous inspiration to your life.


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