The Word of the Lord for 2022

“In the midst of more and more chaos and disorder,
I will open My hand and freely give to those who refuse to be shaken by it.”

16/01/22 Crowley, TX
Prophetic Word Given by Dr. Savelle

2022 will continue to be challenging, but much better than the previous two years. There will be strong opposition from two distinct forces, light and darkness. Satan will do all that he can do to lull God’s people into a spiritual slumber so that he can keep them from enjoying God’s best. But, on the other hand, God, at the same time, will be drawing them to spend more quality time with Him and His Word so that they can remain strong and win every battle. The church will continue to feel the effects of growing pains, but through greater insight, revelation, and wisdom from God, it will enjoy some of its greatest victories!

The Apostle Paul said in II Corinthians 2:14, “Thanks be unto God which causes us to triumph, always.” [(God always makes his grace visible) He said to me, “Get ready to experience more of my favor.] So, get ready to experience more and more of the favor of God that will be visible to others – not only you, but visible to others. Get ready to experience more and more manifestations of God’s favor. And, once again, it will be visible for all to see. Good things are on the horizon! More and more of your dreams and goals will come to pass in 2022. Stay overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His faithfulness to you and never stop praising Him for his goodness!

Be courageous and continue to take steps of faith. Don’t settle for remaining as you are. Be willing to step out in faith as God directs, even when others have decided to play it safe. God wants you to tap into all of your potential. Don’t allow others to discourage you. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone, God has much more in store for you! Stay focused, stay positive, always remembering that God is with you and God is for you. And, absolutely refuse to give up – no matter what! 

A Word from the Holy Spirit (23/5/2023 – Roswell, GA)


It’s a new season of My favor being poured out upon My people, says the Lord.

A time of unprecedented favor – favor like you’ve never experienced before

And with it, new doors will open for you, doors that no man will be able to shut

New opportunities to prosper will suddenly manifest, and you will know that only I could have made this happen for you

And yes, along with this unprecedented favor will also come an outpouring of My goodness

So many good things will happen to and for you that you’ll hardly be able to keep up with it all

And many will see and say, “How is all this happening in such a time as this”

When others are having their worst of times, you’ll be having your best of times

I’m going to release unto you resources from places that you know not of at this moment

But just stay in faith and watch and see, it will happen, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it

Yes, you are a people that will see what other generations before you could only hope to see

I’ll say it again, the favor that you will experience will be unprecedented, it will be wonderful, and it will be incomparable

So lift your hands, lift your voices, shout unto your God, and boldly declare that the LORD IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURES


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