Never Criticize Another Man’s Faith

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by | 11 Jul 2017 | Ministry Updates

Jesus said the distinguishing characteristic of a Christian would be their love one for another! However, I’ve noticed over the years, that this may be the most frequently disobeyed instruction in the Bible: Matthew 7:1 (KJV) “Judge not that ye be not judged…” The Amplified Bible says “Do not judge and criticize and condemn others…” It seems that this criticism comes more and more against those who are called “faith people.”

Well, Carolynn and I are proud to be faith people, and we make no apologies about it! How about you? I know I am what I am and I’ll be what God wants me to be because of the Word of Faith. I never get tired of hearing the Word of Faith and I am not ashamed of it. This is all I know and it’s what I’ve lived by for the last 48 years. Faith has produced everything that I am, everything I have, and everything I’ll ever need, so I’ve decided to stick with it!

Hebrews 10:26 says “Cast not away therefore your confidence (faith) which hath great recompense of reward.” God promises to reward faith, so I am not throwing away my faith just because someone doesn’t understand it, nor believes it or is critical of it.

Partners, I exhort you to refuse to cast away your faith for God promises that you will receive a great recompense of reward! He will do exceedingly above all you can ask and receive!

The Bible makes it very clear in Hebrews 10:38 that “The just shall live by faith…” This is not a suggestion; it’s a command! Living by faith is not a movement or a fad; it is a lifestyle! And it goes on to say that… “if any man draws back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.”

Do you desire to please God? Then live by faith and follow those who through faith and patience have inherited the promises. Hebrews 11:6 says “But without faith, it is impossible to please him…” It’s impossible!! To let go of your faith just because someone is critical of you is not pleasing to God, nor will it cause you to be the World Overcomer that He wants you to be.

The Apostle Paul shows us in 1 Timothy 1:19 that even in his day men had “…put away concerning faith” and he goes on to say about their lives “…have made shipwreck…” They “…have made…” according to the Message “…a thorough mess of their lives.”

Paul commands Timothy in this same verse “… keep a firm grip on your faith.” Never stop living by faith, and never stop preaching faith no matter how much criticism you may receive. Never stop believing God and never stop standing on His Word!

Paul commands his son, Timothy in this same verse “… keep a firm grip on your faith.” Never stop living by faith, and never stop preaching faith no matter how much criticism you may receive. Never stop believing God!

The Apostle John even wrote in one of his letters that there were those who no longer “…acknowledge my authority and refuse to accept what I say (preach).” So being critical of the Word of Faith and those who live by it apparently is not anything new. It’s been going on for a long, long time. It’s just satan’s way of trying to rob you of the victories that faith will produce.

I decided a long, long time ago not to be moved by what I hear. Just keep on living by faith and receiving the fulfillment of God’s promises – just keep on winning no matter what anybody else says or thinks! I’m going to keep on believing the Words of Jesus, “If you have faith…nothing shall be impossible unto you” Matthew 17:20. He did not say if you have grace, or love, or the gifts of the Spirit, He said faith!

“All things are possible to him that believeth” (Mark 9:23). Anything you can have faith for is possible to you! Don’t allow anyone to put limits on your faith. If you can dream it, God can do it and even bigger than what you have dreamed! I have never had God say, “Son you’re believing for too much!” Never! He’s the God Who can do over, above and beyond anything you can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

The Amplified says “… all that we dare ask or think…” In the South we “double-dog dare” people and you just don’t pass up a double dog dare. I believe that God is double-dog daring you to believe Him for the biggest thing you have ever believed Him for! Refuse to give up until it happens!

So, go on and dream BIG! Go on and believe BIG and never let go of your faith!

I strongly suggest that you sow toward the fulfillment of your dream. If you hold fast, then God will make it happen for you!

This month as you sow your faith-seed into this ministry, I want to send you my entire message on Never Criticize Another Man’s Faith.

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In Him,

Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle

P.S. Don’t let anyone put limits on your dreams! God will reward your faith! And never, never criticize another man’s faith!

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